July 18, 2022

In guerrilla marketing’s world, there is no space for people who are only ”all talk and no play”! Along with building a blueprint of the most creative marketing strategy, you should also have an action plan.


But, what is guerrilla marketing, you ask?


It is a marketing technique that is more edgy and creative. The goal here is to surprise the public most uniquely. One of the recent ones is the video tribute by BMW for Mercedes-Benz CEO Dieter Zetsche on his retirement.


They hired an actor, a lookalike of the CEO, and showed his entire retirement celebration at the office. The video ends with a message saying, “Thank you, Dieter Zetsche, for so many years of inspiring competition.” Though it was in 2019, it still creates a buzz because of the creativity.

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It is how guerrilla marketing helps you take the risky move and yet come out winning gloriously!


How to set up a guerrilla marketing campaign?


Here are some tips that can help,




Of course, every marketing campaign starts with research about, how differently you wish to capture the audience’s attention. However, with guerrilla marketing in the picture, you need to learn the audience’s pulse.


Become a part of the audience as an audience to understand how they truly interact with your brand. Various forums are available to refer to and learn what the audience is talking about – their happy moments to pain points.

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You can also hire marketing specialists to help you create a campaign. Find the right talent using the email search tool, GetEmail.io. It can find and validate hundreds of emails within no time! The chrome extension for Gmail and LinkedIn answers the question about how to find someone’s email address.


What’s trending?


Knowing the current trend with the public; lets you analyze your next steps. While guerrilla marketing is about the surprise element, you should also put them off guard in the most unpredictable places.


Adele’s album announcement was one of the mysterious marketing strategies that grabbed everyone’s attention. Her album, named 30, was projected on the most famous buildings in cities around the globe. It created curiosity amongst the internet audience, and everyone was left guessing what that number implies.

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You can create something out of similar lines. However, ensure that you abide by the rules and regulations of the city/state of your market. You are likely to be penalized or sued for breaking the law. Be aware of how the city/state runs.


The execution


When executing the plan – know your goal and ensure to achieve it! The objective should be,

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Accurate
  • Reliable
  • Timely

It becomes easy to gauge your success when there is a parameter to compare. Be prepared for its failure too. Many marketing campaigns that start with a boom don’t end as expected.

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Though a loss, it can also be a learning experience about what not to try the next time. Before going ahead with the campaign, give it one last look and, if possible, check with your staff for an opinion. It might help you save yourself from any tragedies.


Final thoughts


Guerrilla marketing is not as meticulous as digital marketing – but its effectiveness is far greater than any marketing means. When going viral, your marketing campaign becomes a benchmark for others to follow!



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