Samantha Marie Olit Bio
September 9, 2021
Samantha Marie Olit Bio
Samantha Marie Olit Bio

Samantha Marie Olit Bio

Samantha Marie Olit is an American musician who was once married to Lincoln Park singer Chester Bennington. Professionally called “Punk Rock Mother Teresa”, Olit has been involved in promoting the career of many aspiring musicians. As a musician, she has participated in the ‘Freddyway Project’ and also owns her own independent label “SAM Records”. She is said that his singing voice has a magical appeal. According to some reports, while singing in her coma, her singing voice resurrected her adoptive mother. Amazingly Multi-Talented. Olit is also associated with television production. At one point in her life, she was also known as the wife of a celebrity because she was married to renowned singer Chester Bennington.


Samantha Marie Olit Bio
Samantha Marie Olit Bio

Although the marriage ended on a divorce, Olit bravely moved on. She is also a Life Coach and helps people deal with the negative and hateful constructions through their blog posts. As a multi-faceted personality with a positive attitude, she has become an inspiration to millions, especially women. Samantha Marie Olit Nationality is the USA.

Childhood & Early Life

Samantha Marie Olit was born on December 1, 1971, in Detroit, Michigan, USA. She was raised by an adoptive mother who was very close to her.


Samantha Marie Olit recorded her first song after her adoptive mother died of a life-threatening illness and was dying in hospital. She was only seven years old at the time, recording this song in her neighbors’ indoor studio. His mother miraculously healed this song. As she grew up, she created a burlesque dance tulip called Raheem Kitten, which featured hip hop, modern jazz, hula and Latin dance. Olit then discovered an independent label called “SAM Records.” She signed a contract with “Dero”, a South African band and performed live songs with them.

Inspired by her son, Olit recorded a meditation CD targeting children and young children. Soon she became a life coach and started “coaching the creative life”. Through this initiative, she coaches her clients on internal and external success. She later became an advanced DNA theta healer. In 2012, a multi-talented woman began providing independent consulting services for aspiring musicians. She also created her first TV show titled “Hollywood House Guests”. Currently, Olit works as a blogger for fixed, focusing on women and providing a beautiful perspective on life.

Relationship with Chester Bennington

Samantha Marie Olit met Chester Bennington in 1996 when she was performing with the Arizona-based band “Gray Daws”. The two eventually started dating and got married in October of the same year. During their relationship, Olit contributed greatly to her husband’s professional success. She is said to have helped him enter Lincoln Park (formerly known as Zero). After six years of married life, the couple welcomed their first child, son Draven Sebastian Bennington, in April 2002. Unfortunately, the couple’s relationship disappeared in the years to come, and they divorced in 2005. On July 20, 2017, Bennington ended his life by hanging himself. General Chat Chat Lounge After his tragic death, Olit posted a long message on Facebook. Samantha Marie Olit Birthday is on December 1.

Chester Bennington Engaged
Chester Bennington Engaged

Samantha Marie Olit Bio-Wiki:

Full Name:Samantha Marie Olit
Samantha Marie Olit Age:48 years
Birth Date:December 1, 1971
Birth Place:Detroit, Michigan, USA
Marital Status:Divorced
Spouse:Chester Bennington
Children:Draven Sebastian Bennington

Personal Life: Husband and Son

The talented Olit and Chester met in 1996 while performing with Arizona based band ‘Gray Daze’. After dating for a few months, the beautiful couple took their relationship to the next step. The couple married in October 1996 as a husband and wife. Likewise, both couples were involved in the music. Also, they supported each other on their way. Further, it is said that Samantha was the one who helped Chester enter Band Lincoln Park, formerly known as Zero.

Similarly, couples, despite their busy schedules, always find time for each other. After six long years of marriage, the perfect couple welcomed their first child in 2002. In love, they named him Draven Sebastian Bennington. Just when they thought everything was going well, the couple began to have some problems with their relationship. Eventually, they divorced in 2005 and moved in their own way. So far, talented composer Olit is associated with A.J. Williams wood It looked like they were living a happy life.

Samantha Marie Olit Bio
Samantha Marie Olit Bio

Samantha Marie Olit Net Worth and Income

So far, the 48-year-old musician’s overall worth is still under consideration. Also, it did not disclose any information about its assets, including its cars, houses, etc. But there is no doubt that the singer, as a musician, makes a lot of money from her profession. She adds, she also earns extra money from her blogs. Well, no matter how much it may seem, she is living comfortably with her son and new love.

Samantha Marie Olit Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Do you know how tall Samantha Marie Olit is, and how much she weighs? Well, Samantha stands at 5ft 7ins, which equates to 1.7m, while weighing about 12 121lbs or 55kg, and her key figures are 34-25-34 inches. Her hair is black, while her eyes are brown.

Social Media Presence

When it comes to social media, musicians do not appear on any social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram.


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