Strengthen the security of your android with the right technology 38406 - Strengthen the security of your android with the right technology
February 22, 2022

Mobile devices have surpassed desktops and laptops in popularity. They are not only portable, but technical improvements have enabled them to perform practically identical duties to desktop computers. According to, mobile users have climbed by over 10% in the previous year, and mobile devices now account for over 51% of all internet time in the United States.


Today’s mobile apps are vulnerable to a variety of security vulnerabilities, necessitating the adoption of security best practises by developers to combat assaults. Only around half of the financial applications on the Android Marketplace have adequate security features. As a result, applications are subject to a range of dangers, such as IP theft, app clones, sensitive data loss, and reputational harm, to name a few. Another key element to consider is the app’s performance. Apps that are smaller and speedier can benefit from the removal of unneeded codes and parts. For open-source apps, code obfuscation is essential.

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What is the definition of mobile app security?



In today’s environment, mobile app security has become equally crucial. A compromise in mobile security may provide hackers real-time access to a user’s personal life, as well as data such as their current location, financial information, personal information, and more.


Shrinking, optimization, and obfuscation are the three major features of Proguard. It’s a free programme for shrinking, optimising, obfuscating, and preverifying Java class files. Android apps, as well as huge Java applications and libraries, employ ProGuard. Reverse engineering becomes difficult, if not impossible, as a result.


Because Android applications are obvious targets for reverse engineering, it is critical for developers to use ProGuard as a fundamental security solution. Proguard android, a built-in feature in the SDK, is a simple and effective approach to protect your app’s coding.

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Weak Mobile App Security’s Consequences

Consumers are frequently reliant on enterprises, and they trust them to evaluate their apps for security features before making them available to them. IBM’s research, on the other hand, uncovered some startling data.

The figures above give ample incentive for hackers to try to exploit security flaws in mobile applications, and they try to take advantage of any or all of the following from insecure code:


Information about the customer

Hackers can acquire access to login credentials for any website or device, including email, banking, social networking sites, and so on. Banking with Anubis Trojan is a well-known example of this type of malware, which infects a user’s device via installing infected applications, some of which are even available on Android’s official app stores. Once infected, the Trojan compels the device to send and receive SMS messages, read contact lists, seek permission to access the device’s location, allow push notifications, and determine the IP address of the mobile connection, as well as access to personal data on the device.

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Information about money

In circumstances where a one-time password is not needed, hackers can get credit and debit card data and use them to perform bank transactions. Kaspersky Lab researchers uncovered a new variant of the banking Trojan known as Ginp, which is capable of stealing user passwords and credit card information from a user’s device. It can affect banking processes thanks to its ability to handle the device’s SMS functionality. Its code was discovered to be influencing 24 Spanish bank applications.


Theft of Personal Information

Hackers get the app’s code base in order to make unlawful clones or just steal the intellectual property of the app’s owner. The more popular an app becomes, the more clones it will likely attract in app stores. Fortnite and PUBG Mobile, for example, were famous and were not accessible on Google Play, but numerous clones quickly appeared due to their great popularity, to the point that Google had to warn players that the official Fortnite was not available on Google Play.

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Loss of Revenue

It is possible to get access to premium features of applications, which are a source of money for the app’s owner, particularly in utility and gaming apps. In 2016, the mobile security firm Bluebox disclosed how hackers exploited security flaws in popular applications Hulu and Tinder to gain access to premium services and steal money from their owners. Hulu’s monthly subscriptions for their OTT streaming service were $7.99 per month at the time.


Brand Satisfaction

Aside from losing critical user data, the loss can also include both misuses of user data and litigation from affected parties. While the benefit of conducting security drills is that consumers remain loyal and trust the company, the disadvantage is that customers’ faith is lost forever. Companies must understand that their clients’ trust in their brand is at the heart of their company. As a result, the business case for app development should take this into account.

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Security Flaws in Mobile Apps

Mobile applications aren’t meant to act as anti-virus software or to safely send data over the internet. Rather, they concentrate on creating a user-friendly design and providing the finest functionality possible. Installing an antivirus programme on a device may safeguard the network and prevent assaults, but it cannot defend against weak passwords or a badly built app.


The majority of common security flaws have been published by industry professionals under the auspices of The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) for developers’ reference. Its well-known list, OWASP Mobile Top 10, compiles the collective knowledge of industry professionals on current and emerging attack vectors for mobile devices.

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MobSF stands for Mobile Security Framework.

This is a complete pen-testing, malware analysis, and security assessment platform for mobile apps that can do both static and dynamic analysis. It can examine both binaries and source code for Android, iOS, and Windows programmes.



Finally, organizations must recognise that the influence of mobile app security extends beyond user security to the brand’s entire reputation. With the rise in hacking efforts and data breaches, customers are becoming more aware of mobile app security concerns and prefer safe applications over ones that can steal their data. As a result, app developers should attempt to design applications that meet the user’s demands.

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