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May 23, 2022

An attendance management system is not new in institutions and is in present-day large-scale industries. These automatic means have always existed for the convenience of extremely industrialized companies. Such industries like to use an attendance management system because it does not need the manual work of a person, and the labor resource could be used in other priority-based work. Similarly, there is also a lack of error in the system because artificial intelligence does not make mistakes.

Schools have only recently adapted to technological means on a large scale, and an attendance management system is one such valuable requirement as per most institute ERP.

Importance of an attendance management system


Let our first fight to understand how the system works. A software that is specifically created for attendance management organizers and stores the data of student, teacher, and other staff attendance without using extremely advanced technology. Some schools like to believe that investing in such software would require a huge amount of capital resources, but this is not true.


This system works exactly how teachers expect to take roll calls. Instead of calling out roll numbers, students have to either enter their roll calls or the system automatically recognizes the input of students when they join a class up to a certain time limit. Teachers and staff members are required to either punch into the school system or make an entry on the online attendance management system home page. Therefore it is useful for both the stages of managing data. Firstly first for students, and secondly for teachers and office staff members.


Some institutes are either peer tempted to think that managing attendance sheets of students is not that difficult and hence teachers can keep doing it without any automated procedures. Here are some valid reasons why every educational institution needs to invest in an attendance management system;

Errors in attendance records


Manually recording the attendance for students is not only complicated, and time-consuming but also full of errors. because teachers often get exhausted recording and calling out the roll numbers, it is easy to skip someone’s name or mark someone else present. Although teachers are supposed to be professionals, and they should avoid making such mistakes, it is impossible not to make any errors at all.


Most importantly, students tend to give proxy attendance for their friends, which is a fake attendance. Not every student gets away with this, but teachers can get tricked when they are not paying attention. To avoid this problem too attendance software is important.

Tampering with attendance records


Because the attendance records, which are stored in registers of teachers, are not easily accessible to students they cannot easily tamper with them. It is a completely different scenario with staff members, especially the office staff who is either a member of the management or closely functioning with the management departments. An institution does not expect the staff members themselves to cheat a system, but it is a problem that occurs and goes unnoticed. To ensure that it does not happen at all, an attendance management system could maintain the records instead of individuals. Unlike people, this artificial intelligence-based system is not biased.

Automatic calculation


Teachers already have a huge burden of workload before giving out results. They arrange grade sheets of students, file them and categorize them and then input the data on their calculations sheets. Although they are not manually calculating percentages or average marks gathering and reviewing all data is difficult enough. They don’t need to have the extra burden of making inputs for every student attendance from the register. The attendance management system already does it for them. Not only before examinations but this software is also made to notify teachers in case a student has specifically low attendance, below the required percentage. These are some additional features that enhance the teaching and learning experience and help teachers encourage students to be on track without missing any classes.



Ultimately it depends on the decision of the institute ERP whether or not to invest in an attendance management system. The benefits of it will always outweigh the drawbacks and challenges. In case an institution has already not adapted this, teachers should make a recommendation, or students could also provide their valuable recommendations through the annual feedback.


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