June 22, 2023


Sergi Cervera is a Spanish entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist who has built a fortune through his business ventures and investments. He is known for his interest in technology and sustainable development, and he has established several successful companies in these fields. In this blog post, we will take a look at how Sergi Cervera built his wealth and his net worth, by exploring his professional journey and achievements.

Section 1: Early Life and Education

Sergi Cervera was born on September 20, 1980, in Valencia, Spain. He grew up in a middle-class family and showed an interest in entrepreneurship from a young age. He graduated from the Polytechnic University of Valencia with a degree in Industrial Engineering, which laid the foundation for his career.

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Section 2: Founding of Zed

In 2001, Sergi Cervera founded Zed Worldwide, a mobile entertainment company based in Spain. Zed grew rapidly and became a major player in the mobile content industry, offering services such as ringtones, games, and videos. In 2003, Zed opened offices in Latin America, and by 2006, it had expanded to 70 countries. Zed’s success made Sergi Cervera a millionaire at the age of 26.

Section 3: Investments and Acquisitions

After Zed, Sergi Cervera shifted his focus to investments and acquisitions. He founded several companies, including Smart Protection and Psonríe, which provides digital marketing services. In 2012, he co-founded Inveready, a venture capital firm that invests in innovative startups. Inveready has since invested in over 100 companies and has become one of the leading venture capital firms in Spain.

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Section 4: Philanthropy and Social Responsibility

Sergi Cervera is also known for his philanthropic activities and social responsibility efforts. He is the founder of the Sergi Cervera Foundation, which supports education, culture, and sports programs. He has also supported several initiatives for sustainable development and environmental protection.

Section 5: Current Investments and Net Worth

Sergi Cervera’s current investments include NTT Disruption, a technology consulting firm, and Fintech Venture, a venture capital firm that invests in financial technology startups. According to Forbes, Sergi Cervera’s net worth is estimated at $200 million, making him one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in Spain.

Section 6: Challenges and Lessons Learned

Despite his success, Sergi Cervera has faced challenges along the way. In an interview, he stated that his biggest challenge was managing his time and prioritizing his tasks. He also emphasized the importance of persistence, discipline, and adaptability in achieving his goals.

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Section 7: Future Plans and Goals

Sergi Cervera’s future plans involve further investments in technology and sustainable development. He has expressed his interest in artificial intelligence and renewable energy, and he aims to make a positive impact through his investments.


Q. How did Sergi Cervera become a millionaire?

A. Sergi Cervera became a millionaire through the success of his mobile entertainment company, Zed Worldwide, which he founded in 2001.

Q. What is Sergi Cervera’s net worth?

A. Sergi Cervera’s net worth is estimated at $200 million, according to Forbes.

Q. What companies has Sergi Cervera founded?

A. Sergi Cervera has founded several companies, including Zed Worldwide, Smart Protection, and Psonríe.

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Q. What is Inveready?

A. Inveready is a venture capital firm that invests in innovative startups. Sergi Cervera co-founded Inveready in 2012.

Q. What is the Sergi Cervera Foundation?

A. The Sergi Cervera Foundation is a philanthropic organization that supports education, culture, and sports programs.

Q. What challenges has Sergi Cervera faced in his career?

A. Sergi Cervera has faced challenges in managing his time and prioritizing tasks. He emphasizes the importance of persistence, discipline, and adaptability in achieving goals.

Q. What are Sergi Cervera’s future plans?

A. Sergi Cervera plans to make further investments in technology, including artificial intelligence, and sustainable development, with a focus on renewable energy.

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Sergi Cervera’s journey to wealth and success is a testament to his entrepreneurship, innovation, and social responsibility. Through his investments and philanthropic activities, he has made a positive impact on society and has contributed to the growth of the technology industry. As he continues to pursue his goals, Sergi Cervera serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and investors worldwide.


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